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AmCon in London

Thursday 14th July
Central London

Online Sessions

Sunday 3rd July
Tuesday 5th July
Thursday 7th July

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£12.50 individually or £10 each for groups of 5 or more

Tickets give you and your students access to our three online sessions and the AmCon in London event on Thursday 14th July 2022. Attendees (excluding teachers) must be 16+ and in either sixth form or college.

The Ambassador Conference is our biggest event of the year and we’re inviting your students to join our Holocaust Educational Trust Ambassadors from across the UK at #AmCon2022. This year, we’re inviting attendees to #PassItOn. How will you ensure the stories you hear from our incredible survivors are always remembered?

Across our three online sessions, you will:

  • Develop your historical understanding of the Holocaust
  • Hear a unique testimony given by a survivor and their family
  • Consider different ways of engaging with stories from the Holocaust to ensure they are always remembered

Then, at our AmCon in London event on Thursday 14th July, you will:

  • Meet Holocaust survivors, hear their testimony and ask them questions
  • Meet other like-minded young people from across our Ambassador community
  • Learn from experts during bespoke workshops to develop your knowledge about the Holocaust and your skillset
  • Hear from exciting keynote speakers
  • Explore different ways of sharing your experiences with your own community to ensure the Holocaust is never forgotten

Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions about AmCon 2022.

How will you #PassItOn?