Designate a coordinating teacher who will oversee the LFA Project and be the main point of contact between your school/college's students and the Holocaust Educational Trust.

The coordinating teacher must complete an application form and post it back to The Trust along with a cheque for £118. We cannot accept applications made by students. We advise schools not to select students at this time as we may not be able to allocate all schools places.

Please note if you withdraw more than a week before the course, you will have to pay a £40 cancellation fee. If you withdraw within a week of the course beginning, you will forfeit the full £59 per participant. If we are unable to allocate your school places then you will be given a full refund.


Student places are allocated as we receive applications with priority given to schools who have not previously participated. Please note that schools that have participated three or more times on the Project will be placed on our reserve list, which will be assigned once the application deadline has passed on a first-come, first-served basis. The reserve list in no way means that schools will not get a place on the course and we strongly encourage these schools to apply each year. Coordinating teachers will be notified by email if they have been assigned places.

Each course has a small number of teacher places; please indicate on the application form if you would like to apply for a teacher place. These are allocated once student places have been assigned - usually one month before the start of the course - and are extremely limited. They are open to all full-time members of teaching staff that have not previously participated in a Lessons from Auschwitz course - including our CPD course - at an additional cost of £59. Please note that some Local Authorities (LA) may require teachers to act as a contact point for other schools from within their LA. Teachers are required to attend all components of the course.

It is possible to apply for two additional places on the course providing the school's sixth form is 300 or more students. These additional places will be placed on our reserve list and will be allocated to schools if possible. We will still require an additional payment of £118 for the two extra places if we are able to offer these extra places.

If you have not received an email response from us within three weeks of posting your application form please call us on 0207 222 4761 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Two students must be selected; it is not possible to select one student. Chosen participants must be able to take part in all four components of the course. If students fail to attend the Orientation Seminar they will not be permitted to take part in the visit to Poland and the school will be forced to withdraw from the course, forfeiting full payment. Failure to attend the Follow-Up Seminar may affect the future participation of your school on the Lessons from Auschwitz Project. For guidance on how to choose participants please see here.

The coordinating teacher will receive login details, via email, to register the participants on the LFA Project's online registration system. They must submit the names, dates of birth, personal email addresses and contact telephone numbers (mobile number is preferred) of participants. This should be completed promptly after places have been confirmed. Please check your application process for the deadline date. Registration cannot proceed without these details.

The designated participants will then receive their login details by email. They must then access the online registration and medical forms. The forms need to be completed, signed by the student and the coordinating teacher, and a parent or guardian if the participant is under 18, and returned by email or fax well in advance of the first seminar. Please refer to the application process for the deadline date. Please retain a copy of all forms for your reference. Participants who do not return completed and signed forms will not be permitted to take part.

NB: All participants are required to have a valid passport for the visit to Poland. Participants with non-UK or EU passports should contact the Polish Embassy for visa requirements.