LFA Requirements

Our primary method of contact with coordinating teachers and participants is via email. Coordinating teachers and students must provide a valid email address where they can be directly contacted by the Trust.

Coordinating Teachers

Upon completing the application form, coordinating teachers are agreeing to become the point of contact within the school and with the Holocaust Educational Trust, for the duration of the course.

Coordinating teachers must ensure that they choose two students to participate on the course who are able to commit to all four components and ensure that both students complete the registration process within the relevant deadlines. They are responsible for ensuring students receive all information and materials about the participation in the LFA Project and support the students both before and after the project.

Coordinating teachers are responsible for informing the school, parent/guardian and Local Authority of the student's participation on the course. They are also required to oversee and support the students as they undertake their Next Steps.

Participating Students

Chosen participants must be able to part in all components of the course. Failure by either student to complete the course may affect the future participation of the school.

Participating students must ensure that they complete their online registration forms and return signed copies. Students are not allowed to participate on the course if the forms are not completed, signed and returned to office by the deadline provided.

Participating Teachers

There are a very limited number of places available to teachers on each course, which are only chosen once all of the student places have been assigned.