Special Educational Needs

It is the Trust's aim that this project is open and accessible to students of all backgrounds regardless of ability, disability, gender or ethnic background.

The Lessons from Auschwitz Project values are set out in the statement below:

We oppose all forms of unlawful or unfair discrimination, whether because of colour, ethnic or national origin, sex, gender reassignment, marital status, family status, sexuality, religion or beliefs, disability, age, or any other condition or requirement which places a person at a disadvantage and cannot be justified

Procedures and Provisions

Information regarding Special Educational Needs will be highlighted via the coordinating teacher. It is the responsibility of the school to ensure that these details are passed on to the Trust staff. If there is a necessity for any clarification then contact will be made by the Trust staff with the schools Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo). An allocated member of the Trust will talk through each part of the course in detail with the coordinating teacher to ascertain if there is any part of the project which will require extra provision for the student.

Discussions will be had with the coordinating teacher and other members of the schools staff, those who are best placed to advise on their students' special educational needs, to establish what provisions are required.

If necessary discussions may need to take place with specialist teachers and LA Advisory Service Staff.

Possible considerations are:

  • The use of videos, PowerPoint presentations and videos, and whether these are fully accessible to hearing- and visually-impaired students.
  • The sensitive nature and subject of the project.
  • Group discussions regarding the project and the student's individual thoughts, expectations and reflections.

It will also be discussed and decided upon who will be best placed to provide this provision, be it the school, their Local Education Authority (LEA) or the Trust, to ensure correct and adequate provision is provided.

Specific consideration will be given and, when necessary, teacher places allocated to enable them to support their students. The Trust will work alongside coordinating teachers to accommodate the needs of the pupils as much as possible and to support special provisions in line with those usually made by the school. Through discussions with the school, the LEA and the Trust it will be ascertained on an individual basis who will be best placed to ensure correct and adequate provision.

The educators for those particular students will be informed, detailing what extra provision and considerations are needed if this is deemed appropriate.

Disability Access

The Holocaust Educational Trust ensures that all components of the course are accessible to students with a variety of specific needs. 

The Trust will provide the necessary arrangements to cater for participants with disabilities. Please contact the Trust directly to discuss such needs.

Review and feedback

As a part of the continuous evaluation we carry out for our LFA Projects we seek participant feedback on the completion of every project and regularly review our events and policies. The special educational needs policy for the LFA Project will be continually reviewed and improved where possible.