First ever UK funeral for Holocaust victims

Commenting on six unknown Holocaust victims to be buried in an unprecedented funeral, Chief Executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust, Karen Pollock MBE, said:

“When the camps were liberated, survivors started asking questions about their families: who survived, where were they, what happened to them? 

“For the majority, they had lost most, if not all, of their relatives in the Holocaust. They did not have a chance to say goodbye, attend a funeral or pay their respects to their own families and to the millions of Jews who were murdered and who did not have the burial they deserved.

“This ceremony is firstly an opportunity to bless, bury and lay to rest these victims, but also it is a moment for Holocaust survivors, and for all of us, to come together and remember.

“Today, our hearts go out to everyone who had to endure the pain of losing loved ones during the Holocaust, the unique and unprecedented genocide of the Jewish people, and we pledge to continue our effort that the memories of those who were murdered live on.”