Karen Pollock MBE comment on the Trust's Book of Commitment

Commenting on the purpose of the Trust's Book of Commitment, Karen Pollock MBE said:

"This year, hundreds of Members of Parliament have signed the Holocaust Educational Trust's Book of Commitment for Holocaust Memorial Day. This is not a photo opportunity, but a way to commit to remembering the Holocaust – one of the darkest and most defining moments of human history. It is organised by the Holocaust Educational Trust, open to all Members of Parliament and located in a public space in the House of Commons.

Whilst we want all Members to pledge to remember the Holocaust; with antisemitism on the rise, denial and deliberate distortion of the Holocaust seemingly becoming more mainstream, an MP’s signature means nothing without tangible action. Words in a book are not enough.

For those MPs who consort with Holocaust deniers, say antisemitism is a smear and deny the lived experiences of Jewish people, their motivations for signing can and should be questioned. Signing the Trust's Book of Commitment does not absolve MPs of past associations or comments. Rather, their signature on our page means we now expect significant action without delay. If there is no action, we know the assurances were false and their sympathy, fake.

Last night, at a Holocaust Educational Trust reception in Parliament with Holocaust survivors, young Holocaust Educational Trust Ambassadors from across the country and members of the Jewish community, we talked about being brave, speaking out and being louder in the fight against antisemitism. Making a mockery of the memory of the Holocaust is repulsive and should be called out as such.”