Thank you for supporting our crowdfunding campaign. During these 36 hours all donations will be matched, meaning your support will go even further.

To sign up to be a Champion and host an online fundraising page

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HET Crowdfunding Campaign 2021 – FAQ’s

  1. What is a Crowdfunding Campaign?

    Our Campaign ‘Their Legacy, Our Future’ takes place on Sunday 3rd – Monday 4th October and lasts only 36 hours! It is really easy to take part, is not time-consuming, plus you can be involved from wherever you are in the world! Each donation, regardless of size, really will make a huge difference.

  2. What does hosting an online page mean?

    Becoming a Champion and hosting a page involves you reaching out to your network, contacts, friends and family on behalf of HET and asking them to help us reach our fundraising target.

  3. How does the technology work?

    We prepare all tech aspects involved in setting up your online fundraising page – so please don’t worry about that! You will be sent a link for you to share shortly before the start of the Campaign.

  4. How much money do I have to raise?

    There is no specific target or minimum on how much you must raise. Every donation, no matter how small, soon adds up and any amount of money raised is more money for HET’s vital work.

  5. What does matched funding mean?

    What's really exciting is that all new donations during the 36 hours are matched! This means someone’s donation of £5 becomes £10, or £20 will appear as £40 (plus gift aid!). In other words, every donation to HET is worth double during the Campaign, thanks to a number of our generous supporters.

  6. What do I write on my page?

    Each page is bespoke and can be personalised, allowing you to explain why you want to support HET and why it is an important cause to you. We will also share plenty of templates, wording, videos, and images about the Trust to use on your page throughout the Campaign.

  7. Who else is hosting a page?

    This initiative involves the whole HET community - Ambassadors, Teachers, Educators, Donors and many more. We welcome everyone to be involved in our first ever online fundraising campaign.

  8. Where does the money go?

    All donations will support our vital work ensuring we continue to educate people across the UK about the Holocaust. With survivors getting fewer and frailer and the Holocaust moving from living history to just history, our digital work will ensure their testimonies are shared for future generations. To find out more about our work, please visit our website

  9. What do I have to do in the lead up to the Campaign?

    Before the 3rd October, you should think about who you might want to reach out to during the Campaign. You may also want to set yourself a fundraising target (this is optional) but can incentivise people to donate to your page.

  10. How do I sign up?

    Simply let one of the HET Team know, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.