The Holocaust Educational Trust is delighted to invite teachers to register for our Virtual Teacher Study Visit to Ukraine, taking place online in October 2020.


Monday 26 to Tuesday 27 October 2020 

Programme overview

Our Teacher Study Visits are advanced online training courses which explore the history of the Holocaust in all its complexity. Nothing in Holocaust history is ever straightforward, but the events in Ukraine are especially challenging. On the frontline of Nazi invasion of eastern Europe, close to one million Jewish people were murdered in Ukraine by German Einsatzgruppen assisted to a disturbing degree by local collaborationist militia. 

This virtual journey will travel from Lvov/ Lviv/Lemberg/Lwow (all to be explained!) in the west of the country to the capital Kiev/Kyiv in the centre, and then southeast to Odessa, (the ‘Berlin of the east’), on the shores of the Black Sea. In so doing, we traverse the very heartlands of European Jewish civilisation, as well as the home of the full rainbow of East European ethnicities, nationalities and religious groups. It was here in rural Ukraine, for instance, that the mass movement of Hasidism was born which redefined Jewish religious life. Similarly, in Odessa could be found some of the most important secular Jewish thinkers, artists and politicians whose ideas have defined modern Jewish history.

As in all Teacher Study Visit journeys, but especially virtual ones, we will make use of a wide range of materials, drawn from the rich cultural production of writers, musicians and filmmakers who have documented this period. The sessions will combine formal presentations with smaller group discussions and debates of key issues.

Feedback from previous Virtual Teacher Study Visits:

"Thank you for these seminars. They were really fascinating and of course, instructive."

"Amazing few days. Thank you so much."

"Thank you so much for the last two days. They were extremely informative."

Who should register?

Registration is open to primary and secondary school teachers and trainees who have previously taken part in at least one of our teacher training courses, seminars or workshops.  

If you are interested in registering but are yet to take part in any teacher training with us, please register first for one of our ‘Introduction to the Holocaust Educational Trust’ 90 minute online seminars. Details of upcoming seminars can be found here. 

How will I access the course?

The course will be held on Zoom. Participants will need a camera and a microphone.  

How to Register

To register for this course, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., using ‘Virtual Teacher Study Visit to Ukraine’ as your subject. Please include in your email the age / subject you teach, where in the UK you are based, and what previous training you have undertaken with the Trust. 

Our teacher training programme is generously supported by the Wolfson Jewish Education Fund and the Charles Wolfson Charitable Trust.   
"Panorama of Memorial at Holocaust Site - Lustdorfskaya Street - Odessa - Ukraine" by Dr Adam Jones is CC BY-SA 2.0