Testimony 360 is a free digital education programme from the Holocaust Educational Trust that combines digital eyewitness testimony with virtual reality, revolutionising access to survivor testimony and providing an invaluable opportunity for students learning about the Holocaust.

As the Holocaust, the murder of six million Jewish people, moves from living memory into history, we must make sure this seismic event remains present in our national consciousness.

Testimony 360 will change the way that the Holocaust is taught about in schools. Students will be able to have a conversation with a Holocaust survivor, long after survivors themselves are no longer with us, and by using virtual reality, they will explore historical sites associated with the Holocaust– all without leaving their classroom.

Testimony 360 is delivered in three parts:

  1. Introduction to Testimony 360
    Using our Teacher Pack, teachers will be asked to prepare students for their Testimony 360 session using materials supplied by the Trust.
  2. The Testimony 360 visit
    The Testimony 360 team will deliver a 2.5-hour workshop using interactive eyewitness testimony and Virtual Reality (VR) technology. Students will be able to have a conversational experience with a Holocaust survivor, and see the sites where the Holocaust took place, all without leaving the classroom.
  3. Reflection session
    In the weeks following our visit, teachers will support students to reflect on the Testimony 360 visit, using materials provided by the Trust.

Available FREE OF CHARGE for schools, this curriculum-linked programme is delivered directly to young people in their classrooms by educators trained by the Holocaust Educational Trust.

Open to all Year 9-13 students

32 students per session

212 hours per session

Students need one laptop/PC each

We will bring VR headsets and headphones

Key Information

All state or independent schools and colleges with students in Years 9-13 may request a Testimony 360 session.

Each Testimony 360 session, comprising both the Interactive Testimony and Virtual Reality experiences, lasts two and a half hours. This includes a 15-minute break in between. Please note, we will also need access to the classroom before and after sessions to set up and pack away the equipment.

Yes. We can run a maximum of two sessions across the school day, accommodating up to 32 students in each session.

Students will each require access to a laptop or computer.

We will bring a VR headset and pair of headphones for each student. Students will remain seated throughout and accessibility tablets will be provided for students unable to wear a headset. All headsets and headphones are thoroughly cleaned after each session.

Yes. Students must have a good understanding of the Holocaust to benefit from Testimony 360. The Trust provides free lesson plans for you to use in your classroom, such as our Exploring the Holocaust scheme of work, and can provide teacher guidance and support as needed.

Testimony 360 consists of four parts. Teachers will guide their students through an introductory session before the Trust’s educators visit the school and lead a reflective session afterwards. The Trust will provide a Teacher Pack including PowerPoints and lesson plans for these discussions.

During the Interactive Testimony and Virtual Reality sessions, at least one teacher is required to supervise the class at all times. Further details will be given in the booking confirmation email.

No. While Testimony 360 is rooted in the history of the Holocaust, we welcome enquiries from teachers of any subject or discipline.

During our first year (2024-2025), we will visit schools in England, Scotland and Wales.

While we endeavour to accommodate as many requests as possible, if we are unable to deliver a visit in your school, you will be placed on a waiting list and contacted in due course.

Feedback from Students and Teachers

It’s really exciting to think about the wider applications for history teaching this sort of technology could have in the future.
-Richard Price, Sacred Heart Catholic School

The session was truly outstanding. The quality of the experience for students was like nothing else I have seen. It was well-paced and sequenced and allowed students time to explore Manfred's story and experiences.
-Steve Ablett, History teacher, Dixons Trinity Academy

It gave the Holocaust personal meaning as it connected to a real, visible person instead of a name in a textbook.
-Year 10 student, London

There was a personal connection to the experiences of the survivors that you can't get any other way, aside from visiting the camps yourself.
-Year 11 student, West Midlands

Request a Visit from Testimony 360

We are now booking visits for Autumn 2024. Visits will be delivered on Tuesday and Thursday. From the calendar below, please select the dates that you would be available for a Testimony 360 visit.

Testimony 360 sponsored by The Eyal & Marilyn Ofer Family Foundation in partnership with the Holocaust Educational Trust and the USC Shoah Foundation.