Thinking Film, Thinking History: The Holocaust


This History teaching and learning resource is suitable for students from Year 9 upwards. It comprises one DVD of sensitively chosen film extracts from a wide range of films focusing on the Holocaust and a second disc containing curriculum-focused activities and Teachers’ Notes.

These resources enable students to develop transferrable skills in approaching, analysing and evaluating moving image texts as historical sources. Activities extend students’ skills of historical enquiry and develop their understanding of key concepts such as representation, significance and interpretation.

Thinking History helps improve students' engagement and attainment in History by using the medium of film to generate knowledge and understanding about the Holocaust.

Supporting materials on this site include a video introduction to the resource, as well as all the student activity sheets in both Word and PDF format, and full Teachers’ Notes.

The resource is being sent to UK schools free of charge. If your school has not yet received your copy you can order through this site.