Chief Executive
Karen Pollock CBE
Chief of Staff
Kirsty Young
Executive Assistant 
Lauren Clark

Managing Director
Laura Burrows

Director of Programmes and Deputy Managing Director
Clementine Smith
Deputy Director of Programmes
Amy Gee

Education Team

Senior Historical Advisor
Martin Winstone
Education Team Manager
Jonathan Milton
Education Officers 
Jenny Carson
Catrina Kirkland
Katja Hoyer
Nurit Davidson
Rowena Hillel
Emily Smith
Outreach Programme Manager
Anna Lloyd
Outreach Programme Coordinator 
Rebecca Kelsey
Education Team Administrator
Alex Gilbertson
Outreach Officer
Annabel Pattle

Lessons from Auschwitz Project

Head of Lessons from Auschwitz
Anita Parmar
Lessons from Auschwitz Team Manager
Elaine Leppard
Project Manager
Louise Poulton
Senior Project Coordinator & IT Support
Bryan Wolf
Project Coordinators
Isobel Bowers
Olivia Miller
Lessons from Auschwitz Support Officer
Abigail Slack

Ambassador Programme

Ambassador Programme Manager
Kirsty Fraser
Ambassador Programme Coordinators
Louise Cohen
Eliza Gurner 

Public Affairs

Public Affairs Manager
Ella Rose
Public Affairs Officer
Bradley Langer
Digital Communications Officer
Jeremy Ullmann

Fundraising and Events

Fundraising and Events Manager
Frankie Stanton
Fundraising and Events Administrator
Ruby Werner

Head of Operations
Malka White

Finance Manager
Joanne Burton
Finance Assistants
Annie Sergeant
Kamila Vichtorova
Office Manager
Heather Chatfield
HR Consultant
Michelle Brinklow