Who is the Project Open to?

  • The course is open to one pair of 16-18 year old students in post-16 education per school/college, studying any subject and from any ethnic or religious background.
  • In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the course is open to all schools. In England, the course is open to students and teachers in state schools.
  • Due to the intensive nature of the course, each school/college must send two students to enable them to support one another throughout the process.
  • Consortiums and sixth forms with more than 300 students can request to be added to the reserve list for an additional two places.
  • Spaces are limited and if oversubscribed we may not be able to offer places to your school/college.
  • A very limited number of teacher places are available. Please be aware that if offered a teacher place your Local Authority (LA) may require you to act as a contact point for other schools within your LA.
  • Participating teachers are required to attend all parts of the course. Teachers will be allocated after student places have been confirmed.

What is the cost of the Project?

  • The course is heavily subsidised by the Holocaust Educational Trust and sponsored by a Government grant, keeping the cost at only £59 per participant. This ensures nobody is excluded from participation, all we ask is that participants fully commit themselves to all four stages of the course.
  • The course fee covers all materials, both seminars and the visit to Poland including flights and travel insurance.
  • The £59 fee does not include transportation to and from the seminars and the UK airport, or any accommodation that may be required for any part of the Project.
  • Some schools/colleges provide funds for their students and teachers, whilst others ask participants to pay or to raise the funds themselves.
  • Travel subsidies are available; please see our Travel Subsidy page for more information.
  • If you withdraw within the week of the course beginning you will forfeit the full cost per participant.
  • If you withdraw more than a week before the course starts, you will have to pay a £40 cancellation fee.