Today, CST released their January-June antisemitic incidents report, which shows the third-highest total for antisemitic incidents ever recorded. We are starkly reminded that 75 years after the world said Never Again, antisemitism has not gone away.  

The killing of George Floyd and the events which have followed are a searing reminder of how entrenched racism remains across the world.

The Holocaust Educational Trust is deeply saddened to learn of the loss of Holocaust survivor Henry Wermuth.

We’re excited to launch our first online HET Book Club at 4pm on Monday 18th May.

On the 15th April 1945, British troops from the 11th Armoured Division entered the Nazi concentration camp Bergen-Belsen and liberated over 50,000 prisoners.

Every year before the Passover in memory of my great grandmother Sara Izrael I start preparing a simple fare of boiled eggs.

My father was a humanist - socialist with very strong sense of human values but without any beliefs in established religions.

In April 1953, my twin brother, George, and I celebrated Passover alongside the Suez Canal.