Contemporary Antisemitism

Group 1: Megan Austin, Anna Cardy, Jack Nicholls, Jess Reid and Kishen Sedani.

Our aim was to share ways that people can contribute (in a small way) to tackling contemporary antisemitism. We have created a podcast series with accompanying blog posts that young people can engage with to learn about the issue of contemporary antisemitism.

Below you can find their interview with Dr Dave Rich from the Community Security Trust (CST). A new podcast will be released each Tuesday.

Each podcast is accompanied by a blog post on their website  to expand on the conversation and the themes that came through.

Group 2: Peaches Brown Senior, Jamie Dickinson, Amelia Ireland and James Milton.

Through our project, we aimed to challenge contemporary antisemitism on social media by encouraging and equipping our peers to become active and effective allies in the fight against antisemitism on these platforms. To do this, we created a series of videos about contemporary antisemitism and how to counter it, under the hashtag #AlliesAgainstAntisemitism. We also created an accompanying document with further information and links to learn more.

  • What is antisemitism?
  • Tropes and conspiracy theories
  • Anti-racists blindspot for antisemitism
  • Antisemitism on social media.

What is Antisemitism?


Tropes and conspiracy theories

 Anti-racists blindspot for antisemitism


 Antisemitism on social media