Misconceptions of the Holocaust

Group 1: Joe Collins, Samuel Oyewusi, Dana Patel and Hannah Watson

We wanted to address key misconceptions of the Holocaust that are both widely held and particularly problematic. We consulted our expert advisors on these so that we could get a better idea of what these themes could be, why they were particularly problematic, any particular nuances or sensitivities we should be aware of, and how we might best communicate our findings.

In order to dispel misconceptions around the Holocaust, we launched an informational video campaign that could be shared on social media. These videos are around 2.5 minutes each so that they can be shared easily on a Twitter feed and maintain the viewer’s attention.

You can find our first video about Liberation below and links to further reading on the topic here.

Group 2: Barnabas Balint and Molly Liggett

Our aim was to create a short podcast series, using the key misconceptions of the Holocaust as a springboard to teach people about the Holocaust and better understand Holocaust education in the UK.  To do this, we brought together young people from all 4 nations of the UK to talk about their ideas of what the Holocaust and Nazi persecution was. We also spoke to teachers to share good practice on teaching the Holocaust in ways that counter misconceptions.

Students' Roundtable on Holocaust Education

Teachers' Roundtable on Holocaust Education