One in 20 UK adults does not believe the Holocaust took place - survey

Commenting on a recent survey that showed 5% of UK adults don't believe the Holocaust actually happened, Holocaust Educational Trust Chief Executive, Karen Pollock MBE, said:

“We know that education is vital in the fight against ignorance and hate. Whatever the statistics, one person questioning the truth of the Holocaust is one too many and so it is up to us to redouble our efforts to ensure future generations know that it did happen and become witnesses to one of the darkest episodes in our history.

“Over seventy years ago, six million men, women and children were brutally murdered simply because they were Jewish. Holocaust Memorial Day is the chance for us to remember those individuals who had their lives torn apart at the hands of the Nazis and who no longer have a voice, as well as a time to honour those who survived. The Holocaust was a stain on humanity and must never be forgotten. Today we pledge to carry on the legacy, remembering the victims and to be louder in defending the truth.”