Response to the BBC Radio 4 Documentary: The Nazi Next Door

In light of the recent report on BBC Radio 4, 'The Nazi Next Door', the Holocaust Educational Trust said:

It has long been known that perpetrators of the Holocaust were admitted to the UK after the Second World War – and long suspected that some were recruited and protected by the intelligence services.

The Holocaust Educational Trust was founded in 1988 during the all-party campaign to right these wrongs. We are proud of the role which we and others played in bringing about the War Crimes Act of 1991, which finally offered the hope to survivors of the Holocaust that the killers could be brought to justice.

Of a number of suspected cases, only one was successfully prosecuted under the Act. If there is any evidence to suggest that there was the deliberate frustration of the War Crimes Act or that files were destroyed, that must be investigated.

Holocaust Educational Trust Spokesperson