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Zigi Shipper: Why you should attend the Ambassador Conference

Holocaust survivor Zigi Shipper blogs on why you should attend our Ambassador Conference, which takes place on 8th July in central London.

My name is Zigi Shipper. I was born in Poland in January 1930. I am from a Jewish family and in 1940 my family and I were forced to move into the Łódź ghetto. I managed to remain in the ghetto until its liquidation in 1944, when I was sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau – the extermination and death camp which you all visited. Near the end of the war I was sent on a death march and I, along with others, was liberated on 3rd May 1945.

Some of you will know me from your Lessons from Auschwitz Orientation Seminar. I regularly speak to students around the UK about my own experience as a Holocaust survivor, and it is a real pleasure to have met so many Ambassadors.

On Monday 8th July 2013 the Holocaust Educational Trust is holding its first ever Ambassador Conference and I hope you’ll be there.

You have all been fortunate to hear from a Holocaust survivor and I am sure many of you will remember just how important it is to us survivors to know that the young people we share our testimony with will forever remember what we went through, that they will continue to remember people like me who were affected by the Holocaust, that they will continue learning about this episode in history and, very importantly, that they will share what they have learnt with their families, friends and communities.

I survived the Holocaust. Now I spend my time travelling around the country so that I can encourage young people to realise where prejudice, hate and intolerance can lead. I cannot reach everyone with my testimony, but I am forever grateful that there are thousands of Ambassadors across the UK who are working hard to encourage those I do not reach to remember the Holocaust and think about its contemporary relevance.

I am really pleased to announce that we are welcoming world renowned historian Yehuda Bauer to the Conference. We’ll be announcing more speakers in the coming weeks, as well as information about the interesting workshops that will take place throughout the day so please keep an eye on our website, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Find out more, and book your tickets, here.

I hope you are able to attend. I know you will learn a lot from it. There are so many interesting people involved, and I know that having such a gathering of Ambassadors under one roof can only encourage people further.

I am constantly inspired by you, the Trust’s Ambassadors. I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you all for your ongoing enthusiasm as you encourage others to learn more about the Holocaust. I hope to see you on the 8th July!

Best wishes,


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