The Holocaust Educational Trust is pleased to invite applications for our Teacher Study Visit to Budapest, which will take place in May 2024.


Monday 27 May to Thursday 30 May 2024

Application deadline: Thursday 29 February 2024

Programme overview

Our Teacher Study Visits are advanced site-based training courses which develop teachers’ knowledge of the richness and diversity of pre-war Jewish life and on the complexity of the history of the Holocaust.

Although the Holocaust came to Hungary later than to any other country, at a point when the Germans were clearly losing the war, the effects were so immediate and devastating that it suffered the highest Jewish losses of any nation other than Poland and the USSR. Indeed, the largest group of victims of Auschwitz-Birkenau were Hungarian Jews. Budapest’s Jewish community was the largest in Europe outside Poland. Our Teacher Study Visit to Budapest will use key sites in and around the city to address themes such as pre-war Jewish life, the role of local people in the Holocaust, and the actions of international rescuers. On-site sessions, delivered by the Trust’s expert team, will be academically rigorous and interactive, incorporating a wide range of stimuli to discuss and critically evaluate the complex history of the Holocaust.

Feedback from previous Teacher Study Visits:

"I really enjoyed the course. I learned so much. It gave me a lot of ideas for how to approach teaching the Holocaust differently"

"My subject knowledge and confidence in understanding the complexity of the Holocaust have been phenomenally improved by taking part in this course"

"Thank you very much for the opportunity. It has been a memorable experience and I would recommend it highly to others"

Who Should Apply?

Applications are invited from primary and secondary teachers and trainees of any subject area who are currently in post across the UK. Participants are required to be available for the entirety of the course. We welcome applications from teachers engaged in the Vision Schools Scotland programme.

The Holocaust Educational Trust offers a programme of teacher training courses which are intended support teachers in career-long professional learning. The programme begins with our foundational Exploring the Holocaust: UK Residential Course. On completion of our Exploring the Holocaust: UK Residential Course, we encourage participants to join one of our advanced training courses including Teacher Study Visits and our most advanced programme at Yad Vashem.

We can only accept 25 teachers on this programme. When allocating places on our advanced training courses, priority is given to those who have completed our Exploring the Holocaust: UK Residential Course.

On completion of the programme, participants are expected to take knowledge obtained during the course back to their classrooms or utilise the principles of site pedagogy to organise visits for their students. Participants who have previously attended a Teacher Study Visit will be asked to present to their department on the importance of site-based learning and encouraged to organise a free CPD/CLPL workshop with the Holocaust Educational Trust for their department/faculty/school and/or MAT.

How much does it cost?

The course is free to attend. The Trust will provide meals and accommodation for the duration of the course. Participants are asked to cover the costs of their own travel to central Budapest, though the Trust can write a letter to their headteacher, requesting that these be covered by their school’s CPD budget.

How to Apply

Please click here to complete our online application form.

Application deadline: Thursday 29 February 2024

We will let applicants know about places on Friday 8 March 2024