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Interview with Holocaust survivor Mala Tribich MBE

Interview with Holocaust survivor Mala Tribich MBE

Mala was born in 1930 in Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland. She is a survivor of both Ravensbrück and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps. After liberation, Mala spent nearly two years in Sweden, before coming to the UK to be reunited with her brother Ben.

In later life, Mala has been dedicated to sharing her testimony with schools and groups across the country to ensure the Holocaust is never forgotten.

Recently, Mala shared her testimony to close the 2020 Ambassador Conference, #AmConAtHome, which was streamed live to Facebook and now has over 9000 views. You can watch Mala sharing her testimony via the links below.

Mala's Story (written)

Mala shares her testimony (Ambassador Conference 2020)

Mala shares her testimony (Annual survivor webcast 2017)

By Maxwell Horner, Molly Liggett and Barnabas Balint