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Interview with Dov Forman

Dov Forman is the great-grandson of Holocaust survivor Lily Ebert BEM, and co-author of the two-time Sunday Times best-seller, “Lily’s Promise”.

Dov has always had an interest in history having grown up listening to the testimony of his great-grandmother, about surviving the Holocaust. Over the first UK lockdown, he decided to dedicate his time to finding out as much as possible about her experiences.

He created a Twitter page to share Lily’s testimony which has had over 50 million views, to date, and has even managed to track down the family of the US soldier who assisted her and her sisters after their liberation in Germany in 1945. In February 2021 Dov set up a TikTok account together with Lily, to educate the public about her experiences. The account now has over 1.6 million followers. The pair have featured on Good Morning Britain and in several print media outlets, inspiring the next generation to remember and carry forward the legacy of the past.