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Events and exhibitions highlighted in the January Ambassador Newsletter

Here are some events and online exhibitions that we think may be interesting to our Ambassadors over the next couple of months.

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8th February 2022 7:00pm – 8:00pm

The Wiener Holocaust Library – Virtual Ernst Fraenkel Prize Lecture: Joanna Sliwa in conversation with Natalia Aleksiun

Dr Joanna Sliwa will be in conversation with Professor Natalia Aleksiun in honour of Dr Sliwa’s joint award of the 2020 Ernst Fraenkel Prize. Dr Sliwa’s Jewish Childhood in Krakow is the first book to tell the history of Krakow in the Second World War through the lens of Jewish children’s experience. Here, children assume centre stage as historical actors whose recollections and experiences deserve to be told, analysed, and treated seriously.

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10th February 2022, 7:30pm – 9:00pm

René Cassin – ‘What If’: The Holocaust, Uyghur Genocide & our Moral Responsibility today

To mark Holocaust Memorial Day, Generation 2 Generation, René Cassin and Stop Uyghur Genocide are hosting an evening of conversation between generations and between experiences of persecution, the Holocaust and the Uyghur Genocide. By sharing these stories and reflections we hope to highlight the moral authority, and with it the moral responsibility we have to act today, so that future generations never again have to experience the same atrocities committed against the Jews and Uyghurs.

Father and daughter Kerim and Dilnaz will be in conversation with grandfather and granddaughter Steven Frank and Maggie Fleet, facilitated by Richard Greene, Director of Content for CNN.

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24th February 2022, 6:30pm – 8:00pm

The Wiener Holocaust Library – Virtual Book Launch: The Journey Home: Emerging out of the shadow of the past

This virtual event celebrates the launch of The Journey Home: Emerging out of the Shadow of the Past and will be introduced by the co-editor, David Clark, and two of the contributors to the book. This event is in partnership with the Second Generation Network.

The book contains 20 accounts by Second-Generation authors of journeys to places connected with family history, reflecting on how making such a journey changed perceptions of parents and family history and impacted their identity and life choices.

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Online exhibitions

Yad Vashem – Surviving the Holocaust Under a False Identity

Throughout the Holocaust period, in the shadow of persecution at the hands of the Nazi regime, Jews tried to save themselves and their families using forged papers that provided them with false identities.

In this exhibition, there are 14 stories of Jews who survived under assumed identities all over Europe. In Eastern Europe – Poland, Lithuania, Hungary and Ukraine; in Central and Western Europe – Germany, France and the Netherlands; and in Southern Europe and the Balkans – Italy, Greece and Croatia.

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Yad Vashem – Last Letters from the Holocaust: 1944

The 13 last letters featured in this exhibition were sent from home, from hiding, from ghettos, prisons and camps to family members and friends. Through the prism of these letters, we can tell the story of the individual in the Shoah, and restore the names and faces to the victims.

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