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Events and courses highlighted in the July 2022 Ambassador Newsletter

Here are some events and courses that we think may be interesting to our Ambassadors over the next couple of months.

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Curator’s Talk: Fighting Antisemitism from Dreyfus to Today

Wiener Holocaust Library, 11th August 2022, 1:00pm-2:00pm

This in-person event will allow Ambassadors to learn more about the Library’s current exhibition, examining valuable and unique documents. The curator of the exhibition will discuss its background and the process of curation, as well as explore key documents and artefacts, including rare, printed materials related to the Dreyfus Affair from 1890s France.

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Hybrid Talk: Rebuilding Lives? Displaced Persons in the Post-war Period

Wiener Holocaust Library, 8th September 2022, 6:30pm-7:30pm

This event will allow Ambassadors to learn about survivors’ lives immediately after the war, an incredibly interesting topic to explore. Elise Bath, International Tracing Service (ITS) Archive Team Manager at the Library, will explore key documents and show how the ITS Digital Archive can be used to explore survivors’ experiences as they attempted to rebuild their lives. Ambassadors can join online or in-person.

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Teaching the Holocaust: Innovative Approaches to the Challenges We Face

Yad Vashem and UCL Centre for Holocaust Education, available now

Are you a teacher? Do you work in education or with young people? If so, this free 3-week course will help you to teach the next generation of Ambassadors and young people about the Holocaust to ensure they understand the importance of Holocaust education and remembrance.

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Photographing the Holocaust

University of Nottingham, available now

This course will explore how photos can offer new insights into the history of the Holocaust and what problems we face when relying on the ‘perpetrator gaze’. It also explores the propaganda photography used by the Nazis. Ambassadors can also expect to learn more about the background behind well-known photographs from the Holocaust. This course could be incredibly interesting for Ambassadors due to the contemporary resonance photography of the Holocaust has with us today, as well as the complex questions around the danger of relying on photos for ‘shock factor’ over education.

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