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#10for10 at AmCon 2023 – Celebrating 10 years of the Ambassador Programme

What an amazing Ambassador Conference 2023. It was incredible to see so many young people coming together to listen, to learn and to share - working to ensure the Holocaust will never be forgotten.

AmCon 2023 was an inspirational day – shared by A-Level students, Ambassadors and RAs, leading academics and guests - involving a fantastic array of talks and workshops. We also saw the launch of the 10 Actions for 10 Years campaign, or #10for10. We hope that you left feeling motivated, with ideas of how to mark your 10 actions, but if you need some inspiration, you've come to the right place!

The #10for10 campaign celebrates 10 years of the Ambassador Programme. #10for10 is an opportunity to mark this incredible milestone by completing 10 actions to mark 10 years of achievements by our Ambassador community. You can use it to begin your Ambassador journey, get back into the swing of things, or plan your next steps! Whether you're interested in getting more involved more, or simply want to mark this landmark, #10for10 is a great way to get involved.

Different ways of marking #10for10:

It’s important to remember that any action, no matter how big or small, can make a real difference – so use this as an opportunity to learn more and share the amazing work that you are doing.

Get involved with the Ambassador Community:

An incredible asset that we all share is access to an amazing community of young Ambassadors, Regional Ambassadors and Alumni. Speaking to your fellow ambassadors can be a great way to learn and share your understanding, develop or share projects, and make friends!

  • If you would like to get in touch with Ambassadors near you, contact the Ambassador Team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Remember also to watch your emails and follow the Holocaust Educational Trust’s newsletters to stay up to date with all the opportunities you can get involved with!

Organise and Create:

As Ambassadors, an important method of making an impact in our communities is through organising events – and #10for10 is the perfect time to start planning!

There are many different types of events you can host – just remember to be conscious of your audience and scope.

  • You can arrange a survivor or 2nd Generation testimony by filling in the Outreach Programme Enquiry Form on the Trust's website.
  • Arrange a workshop or lecture by an academic or expert.
  • Put together a film night or share a creative exhibition.

You can also use #10for10 to share your understanding or experience by creating something! Beginning a creative project can be a chance to learn more about an aspect or topic that is important to you and allows you to share what you have learnt.

Exploring and teaching about the Holocaust through different mediums enables us to reach more people in new and different ways - in whatever way suits you and them!


Remember that you can share your achievements or actions on social media by using #10for10 or tagging the Holocaust Educational Trust on their channels.

Sharing what you do is an important way of highlighting the work of the Trust and teaching others what you have learnt – a simple social media post can spark an important conversation or drive them to learn more! Sharing resources with friends and family or other ambassadors is another important way of educating others and sharing what you have learnt.


#10for10 is a great reminder that you can always learn more about the Holocaust. Whether it’s a book you’ve been recommended or an issue that you’d like to know more about, take the time to learn more as one of your actions.

I hope this has inspired and guided you on how to mark HETs #10for10 Campaign. It would be amazing to see you joining us in marking this special milestone, and we look forward to hearing all about what you get up to!

Now you have read this article, think of what you would like to achieve through your 10 actions for 10 years!

By Curtis Burbidge