Holocaust Educational Trust Ambassador Blog

Last week I had the utmost privilege of discussing my work as an Ambassador for the Holocaust Educational Trust with Holocaust survivors, Manfred Goldberg BEM and Zigi Shipper BEM, as well as our special guest, Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge.

It truly was a memorable experience; Manfred and Zigi are an excellent pair who complement each other's personalities perfectly. I had the opportunity of getting to know them better on a pre-call meeting; they both were so interested in my role as an Ambassador and were so grateful for my contribution to Holocaust education. I think I speak for the entire Ambassador community when I say that it is us who are incredibly grateful for the wonderful survivors like Manfred and Zigi, who have continued to educate young people about the Holocaust through sharing their powerful testimonies, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Myself, Manfred and Zigi, and fellow Ambassador Farah Ali, had the privilege of speaking to The Duchess of Cambridge. She asked really thought-provoking questions, and it was evident of her genuine passion and interest in our work as Ambassadors and what we personally thought about Holocaust education and commemoration.

I completed the Lessons from Auschwitz Project in February of last year, and since then, being an Ambassador for the Trust has opened so many doors for me, this experience is just one of those.

By Maxwell Horner