Distortion of the Holocaust

Group 1: Matthew Clayman, Alan Kowalski, Evie Rose, Chloe Smith and Jonah Zur

For our project, we decided to create a podcase series to compare and contrast different countries distortion of the Holocaust, highlighting where these distortions come from.

The first episode is about Hungary and features an introduction to the team, historical background and an interview with a young Hungarian Jew. You can listen to the podcast below!

Group 2: Naomi Awre, Edward Docherty, Rhys Jones, Shanna McNamee and Sarah Treliving

We created a website that hosts a calendar, linking as many dates as we could to an event or story linked with the Holocaust to give an in-depth overview of the Holocaust and counter distortion. We chose to do this by focussing on the themes of Britain’s role in the history of the Holocaust, Eastern Europe, Survivor and victim stories, Other victims of Nazi persecution and the broader political landscape.