Karen Pollock CBE comments on release of the EHRC report

Regarding the release of the EHRC report, Karen Pollock CBE, Chief Executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust said: 

“After five years of rampant antisemitism in a mainstream political party, this damning report confirms all that has been said about the depth of the endemic anti-Jewish racism in Labour. The hurt and pain that has been caused is unquantifiable and the impact is still felt.

Holocaust denial, conspiracy theories and Jew hate are unacceptable in all walks of life, and certainly nobody expected it to fester in a political party founded on anti-racism, but it did. Today is not the end of this dark chapter, but an opportunity for the Labour Party to consign this shameful period to history, take responsibility and begin the journey back to any sort of morality.

We have seen good people speak out and call out this abhorrent racism over the past few years and we thank them. It is a lesson to us all in not standing by when hatred and prejudice rears its head”