Karen Pollock MBE comments on the latest Community Security Trust report on antisemitism

Today, CST released their January-June antisemitic incidents report, which shows the third-highest total for antisemitic incidents ever recorded. We are starkly reminded that 75 years after the world said Never Again, antisemitism has not gone away.  

Today’s report highlights that antisemitism continues to bight all areas of society, including social media. The increase in antisemitism online during lockdown is on the one hand shocking, and on the other hand, sadly, expected. Antisemitism, the oldest hatred, has always taken new shape and has always played on people’s biggest fears, from the Blood Libel to Covid.

This report highlights why the support that the Jewish community receive from the CST is so vital, and why our work to ensure that the next generation knows what happens when antisemitism is left unchecked remains so important. Today we pledge to continue our efforts to educate about the Holocaust, and to create a generation of young people committed to speaking out against antisemitism, wherever it is found.