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Yom HaShoah: Karen Pollock MBE










This week, the Jewish community marked Yom HaShoah, a day for remembrance of the Holocaust. Holocaust Educational Trust Chief Executive Karen Pollock MBE reflected on why this day is so important in a comment piece published in the Jewish Chronicle.

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Remembering Belsen: Gillian Walnes MBE









This week, the Anne Frank Trust launched their #notsilent campaign, inviting people to commemorate the end of Anne Frank's life by reading aloud a one minute passage from her writing. Here, Executive Director & Co-Founder Gillian Walnes MBE blogs on why to remember a remarkable teenager we should all be #notsilent.

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Remembering Belsen: Natasha Lyon










Today, 15th April, marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Bergen-Belsen by the 11th Armoured Division. Regional Ambassador Natasha Lyon has blogged on the importance of marking this significant anniversary.

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Remembering Belsen: Gena Turgel MBE

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70 Voices - Week 12 - The legacy and memory of the Holocaust

For our final 70 Voices podcast, the Trust's Head of Education Alex Maws welcomes Jeremy Leigh of Hebrew Union College and author of Jewish Journeys for a discussion about the impact of the Holocaust on the post-war world.

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70 Voices - Week 11 - The End of the Holocaust

For our 11th 70 Voices podcast, the Trust's Head of Education Alex Maws is again joined by Professor David Cesarani, who discusses the last months of the Holocaust and the challenges survivors faced after liberation. 

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70 Voices - Week 10 - Reactions of the World

For our tenth 70 Voices podcast, the Trust's Head of Education Alex Maws and historian Professor David Cesarani discuss how the world beyond Nazi-occupied Europe, including Britain, reacted to the Holocaust. 

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70 Voices - Week 9 - The Reactions of Non-Jews

For our ninth 70 Voices podcast, the Trust's Head of Education Alex Maws and Education Officer Martin Winstone discuss the reactions of non-Jews in Nazi-occupied Europe to the Holocaust and how this challenges traditional understandings of the term 'bystander'.  

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70 Voices - Week 8 - Jewish Resistance

For our eighth 70 Voices podcast, the Trust's Head of Education Alex Maws is again joined by Education Officer Martin Winstone and historian and educator Jeremy Leigh of Hebrew Union College, Jerusalem, this time to discuss the often overlooked issue of Jewish resistance to the Holocaust.

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70 Voices - Week 7 - Perpetrators

In our seventh weekly 70 Voices podcast, the Trust's Head of Education Alex Maws talks to historian and award-winning filmmaker Laurence Rees about the perpetrators of the Holocaust.

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