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Holocaust Memorial Day 2015: Laurence Rees


Ahead of his documentary, Touched by Auschwitz, on BBC2 tonight at 9pm, Laurence Rees blogs on why it's important we continue to talk about the Holocaust.

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Holocaust Memorial Day 2015: Hugo Rifkind


In this powerful blog ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day 2015, journalist Hugo Rifkind reflects on why we must all take a moment to remember.

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Holocaust Memorial Day 2015: Journalist Benjamin Butterworth


In the second of today's blogs for Holocaust Memorial Day 2015, Gay Times journalist Benjamin Butterworth reflects on visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau with the Trust and why it's important we also remember the other victims of Nazi persecution.

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Holocaust Memorial Day 2015: Holocaust survivor Zigi Shipper


In the first of today's blogs for Holocaust Memorial Day 2015, Holocaust survivor Zigi Shipper blogs on why he delivers his testimony to thousands of people across the country through the Trust's Outreach Programme.

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Holocaust Memorial Day 2015: NUS National Executive Committee Member, Charlotte Agran

In our latest blog to mark Holocaust Memorial Day 2015, NUS National Executive Committee member, co-convener of the NUS Anti-Racism/Anti-Fascism Campaign and HET Ambassador Charlotte Agran talks about why Holocaust education must remain a focus of the National Union of Students’ anti-racism and anti-fascism work.

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