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Sir Ian Kershaw

Sir Ian Kershaw is regarded as one of the world's leading experts on Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. In this episode of the podcast, we bring you his speech from the Holocaust Educational Trust's Lord Merlyn-Rees Public Lecture on the topic of Nazi decision making during the Holocaust.

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Lawrence Siegel

Lawrence Siegel is a composer whose oratorio "Kaddish" sets the words of actual Holocaust survivors to music. In this episode of the podcast, he describes his approach to creating a musical response to the Holocaust and shares several pieces of music from "Kaddish".

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Efraim Zuroff

Known as the "Last Nazi Hunter" Efraim Zuroff is the director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center office in Jerusalem. His book Operation: Last Chance documents his ongoing efforts to bring Nazi war criminals to justice. In this episode of the podcast series, Dr. Zuroff shares his thoughts on why we must continue to pursue such cases.

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Frank Bialystok

Frank Bialystok is a professor of Modern Jewish History at the University of Toronto and a founder of the Polish-Jewish Heritage Foundation. He was born in Poland in 1946. Today he is a leading scholar on Polish Jewish History. In this episode of our podcast series, he discusses modern Polish-Jewish relations.

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Thomas Buergenthal

Thomas Buergenthal is a Holocaust survivor who went on to serve for 10 years as a Judge on the International Court of Justice at the Hague. His memoir A Lucky Child was published in 2009. This episode of the podcast series  features a recording Professor Buergenthal speaking at the Holocaust Educational Trust's 2011 Annual Appeal Dinner.

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