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Norbert Hinterleitner

Norbert Hinterleitner is Head of the Education Department at the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. In this episode of the podcast, he discusses his organisation's work and some of the contemporary lessons that visitors to the Anne Frank House might learn from their experience there.

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Nick Robinson

Nick Robinson is the BBC Political Editor. In this episode of the podcast, recorded at a Holocaust Educational Trust Student Ambassador event, he discusses his own family's connection with Nazi persecution and answers questions from the audience about politics, prejudice, and the meaning of 'Never Again'.

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Martin Winstone

Martin Winstone is the author of The Holocaust Sites of Europe: An Historical Guide. In this episode of the podcast, he discusses some of the sites that he researched in writing his book and the educational value of visiting authentic Holocaust sites.

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Eve Rosenhaft

Eve Rosenhaft, Professor of German Historical Studies at University of Liverpool discusses the persecution of the Roma and Sinti, Nazi racial policy relating to this victim group and the challenges associated with researching this area of history.

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Yiftach Meiri

Yiftach Meiri from the Yad Vashem International School for Holocaust Studies discusses how Israel's Holocaust consciousness differs from that of the UK and other countries.

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