The Holocaust Educational Trust is internationally recognised for its expertise in training teachers in Holocaust pedagogy best practice.

More than 1,500 teachers take part in our programmes each year. We offer free online and in-person professional training workshops and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) residential courses to new and experienced teachers across the UK. Our sessions are delivered by an experienced team of trainers, and focus on pedagogical issues as well as demonstrating practical ideas, and our free online classroom resources.

More information about our teacher training programmes can be found below but if you have any questions, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Online Training Sessions

These sessions are open to all teachers, and participation is free of charge. They are held on Zoom.

Introduction to the Holocaust Educational Trust 

This 90-minute session will introduce teachers and trainees to the work of the Holocaust Educational Trust and to the pedagogical guidelines which underpin our work. The session will provide a basic introduction to Holocaust history, and to our primary and secondary schemes of work. 

An Approach to Teaching about the Holocaust 

This additional 90-minute session builds on our introductory session to explore our teaching resources and their use in the classroom. Participants must have completed Introduction to the Holocaust Educational Trust before joining this session. 

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Bespoke Workshops

Our free pedagogical workshops are delivered online and in-person across the UK and are adaptable to meet the needs of your school or institution. Sessions can be targeted for one subject area or cross-curricular groups.

The Trust works with Initial Teacher Training providers, through universities, school-centred schemes and employment-based programmes, as well as providing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and in-service training to experienced school staff.

We partner with local authorities, academy federations and individual schools to deliver regional CPD training seminars.

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Teacher Study Seminars

Dates for the 2023-24 academic year will be posted on the Teacher Study Seminar page.

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Intensive CPD Courses

The Holocaust Educational Trust offers a programme of teacher training courses which are intended to support teachers in career-long professional learning.

The programme begins with our foundational Exploring the Holocaust: UK Residential Course. The course, held every February, is designed for those new to teaching about the Holocaust, or looking to refresh their practice through four-days of intensive training. Educational sessions are delivered by experts from the Holocaust Educational Trust and prominent academics engaging with the latest scholarship on the Holocaust. The course also explores the benefits and challenges of cross-curricular collaboration. This is the only residential programme where we can accept participation from more than one teacher from each school.

On completion of our Exploring the Holocaust: UK Residential Course, we encourage participants to join one of our advanced training courses. When allocating places on our advanced training courses, priority is given to those who have completed our Exploring the Holocaust: UK Residential Course.

Teacher Study Visits are advanced site-based training courses. They are intended for teachers who have solid foundational knowledge of the history of the Holocaust and are looking to advance their understanding, and/or are looking to develop site-based pedagogical skills to organise their own school trips. Past visits have been held in France, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, and Poland. The on-site sessions examine human stories and approaches to site-based education.

Our Annual Teacher Training Course at Yad Vashem in Israel is our most advanced programme and is designed for those who aspire to lead Holocaust education within their schools, transmitting knowledge to colleagues and developing schemes of work. The course is composed of three intensive stages: a one-day introductory seminar in London, a 10-day visit to Yad Vashem and a follow-up weekend in the Midlands.

We are currently accepting applications for our 2023-24 residential courses.

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The Trust is partnered with Vision Schools Scotland and offers bespoke CLPL training to teachers taking part in this programme.