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Holocaust Memorial Day 2015: Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

As we look towards to 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, Rabbi Lord Sacks reflects on the effects of the Shoah on the Jewish community.

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Holocaust Memorial Day 2015: Director of Liberty Shami Chakrabarti CBE

In our latest blog for Holocaust Memorial Day 2015, Shami Chakrabarti CBE looks at the Human Rights laws that came as a direct result of what happened in the Holocaust.

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Holocaust Memorial Day 2015: Holby City Producer Simon Harper

In the third of our blogs to mark Holocaust Memorial Day 2015, Holby City Producer Simon Harper talks about why he worked with the Trust to produce a storyline featuring a Nazi war criminal.

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Holocaust Memorial Day 2015: A Regional Ambassador's Perspective

In the second of our blogs to mark Holocaust Memorial Day, Regional Ambassador Sophie Shrubsole reflects on the impact that hearing survivor testimony has had on her.

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Holocaust Memorial Day 2015: A Digital Commemorative Space

As the Holocaust Educational Trust launches our new 70 Voices: Victims, Perpetrators, Bystanders app, Head of Education Alex Maws explores the role of mobile technology in remembering the Holocaust.

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The Sonderkommando revolt 70 years on

Our Education Officer Martin Winstone reflects on the 70th anniversary of the Sonderkommando revolt in Auschwitz-Birkenau.

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Why I'm going to Ambassador Conference 2014

Holocaust Educational Trust Ambassador Harley Riley blogs about why she is attending Ambassador Conference 2014

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Angels, Eagles, Police and Teachers

An unsettling scene in central Budapest provided valuable insight for a group of British teachers.

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Vera Schaufeld: Celebrate the 105th Birthday of Sir Nicholas Winton

On the 105th Birthday of Sir Nicholas Winton, Vera Schaufeld blogs about how his actions saved the lives of over 600 children.

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Holocaust Memorial Day: Hannah Swindells tells us of her journey as a Regional Ambassador

Following on from Holocaust Memorial Day, Hannah Swindells, Regional Ambassador for Wales, tells us about her experiences in arranging for Eva Clarke to talk to students at the University of Cardiff.

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